We’re passionate about helping more people create a journaling practice that sticks – and that is why we’ve created this guide. (Plus…we can’t bear for one more notebook to make it to the journal graveyard of shame).

This FREE, no-strings-attached guide is for you if you:

  • Have tried journaling hundreds of times before, but just can’t quite seem to make it stick
  • Find yourself giving up on your journal really quickly
  • Feel frustrated that journaling just isn’t working for you
  • Are never happy with the way your journal looks
  • Find yourself comparing your journal to others, and find it lacking
  • Love the idea of journaling, but just feel so overwhelmed by where to even start

We’ve taken our best tips + hints for overcoming bujo overwhelm, and distilled them into five practical steps you can take to elevate your practice to a whole new level. Enter your email below, and a copy will be on its way to you!

“Honestly I loved this!! As someone who puts 30+ minutes into one page, I never stick to journalling. I related to so many points in this guide. Especially the one about sustainability – this inspired me to go buy (another) new notebook, but take it from a simpler perspective. I would love to see more guides like this in the future!” ~ Michaela Leon