We make quirky stationery for bullet journaling enthusiasts and people who want to organise their lives

About US

Scribbles That Matter (STM) is a premium stationery brand based in the UK with customers worldwide. STM has become one of the fastest growing and recognisable brands in the world of journaling. This growth comes from an obsession with producing innovative and value-adding products and a strong relationship with its community. We strive hard to create stationery not for stationery's sake but stationery that helps people get to know who they are, put ideas to action and tap their incredible potential.  

Scribbles is a team of passionate professionals with raving fans across the world. We make our fans part of our design team and listen carefully to their feedback. This approach has been successful as products across our collection has won acclaim amongst the journaling community
if we dare say so ourselves ;)

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Our Customers

  • Love this journal! Not only does it have everything the more expensive journals have, but it costs less and is so much cuter! - TracyC

  • I'm so glad I bought this journal over the others I was considering to start my bullet journal with. The pages are thick enough to use felt pens with, and nothing bleeds through. - PeggaDoodles

  • At this point, this is my choice for the standard in Bullet Journals. - Lindsay G