Review your journaling practice

Hey, Scribbler!


As we begin to wind down what has been another intense year for most, now is a really good time to review your journaling practice.


Are you getting what you need out of your journaling practice?

Is your journaling practice a joy...or a burden?

Is journaling something you make time for, and look forward to?


We usually turn to a journaling practice hoping it will help us feel more grounded, less overwhelmed, and more in control.


But if the practice just isn't working for us, it can end up ADDING to the overwhelm we feel in our lives.


If your journaling practice feels a little heavy right now - and it's not doing what you thought it would - this simple question can help you get to the bottom of why it's not working as well as you'd like it to:


Are the EXPECTATIONS you have of your journal aligned with your NEEDS?


For example: are you trying to make your notebook an outlet for creativity, when just need it to be a space to hold your thoughts?


Are you spending so much time on your layouts (because you feel they should look a certain way)...and not enough time on actually being productive?


Are you creating trackers that - in reality - you know you're not going to keep up with? (Hey...we've all been there!).


It may be that you're expecting your journal to do things for you that aren't even relevant to where you are in your life right now.


The secret to developing a consistent, productive journaling practice is to identify exactly what you need it to do for you - and build this into your pages.


What do you REALLY need from your journal?

What have your expectations been for your practice, and are they unrealistic in any way?

What do you need to let go of in order for your practice to really work for you?


Happy Scribbling!


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