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MagnaView Calendar
MagnaView Calendar

MagnaView Calendar

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Size chart
Size Inches Centimetres
A6 4.1 x 5.8 10.4 x 14.7
B6 5 x 7 12.7 x 17.8
A5 5.75 x 8.5 14.5 x 21
B5 7 x 10  17.8 x 25.4

Please note: The sizes shown above apply to notebooks only and not the Pouch.
🌈 TRANSFORMATIVE DESIGN FOR LIVING SPACE: Embrace the transformation of your kitchen and beyond with our sleek, transparent Acrylic Fridge Calendar. More than just a tool for organization, it's a statement piece that elevates your environment, merging seamlessly into your home with its modern 16" x 12" design. This isn't just about keeping dates in check; it's about enhancing the heart of your home, where plans blossom and days unfold.

🔗 MAGNETIC CONNECTION TO DAILY ASPIRATIONS: Our calendar's superior magnetic hold symbolizes the strong attachment to your goals and the seamless integration into your daily life. Protected with non-scratch silicon caps, these magnets ensure your journey towards organization doesn't leave marks of the past. It's a commitment to maintaining the integrity of your space while securing your aspirations right where you can see them.

🎯 A CATALYST FOR ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS: With ample space and intuitive design, this acrylic calendar acts as a daily reminder of your objectives, turning intention into action. It's not just about marking dates but actively engaging with your ambitions, making every day a step closer to your goals. This calendar is your partner in productivity, transforming your time management into a meaningful pursuit of your aspirations.

🌟 VIBRANT VISUALIZATION OF YOUR POTENTIAL: Included vibrant markers serve not just to note down appointments but to color your dreams vividly, making your daily planning an engaging ritual. This colorful approach ensures that each goal stands out, keeping you inspired and focused. Every mark is a visual representation of your journey towards transformation, a lively planner that keeps your spirit uplifted.

💝 THE GIFT OF BECOMING: In gifting the Scribbles That Matter Acrylic Fridge Organizer, you're offering more than an organizational tool; you're giving a vessel for transformation. It's a thoughtful way to support loved ones in their quest for a better self, providing a tangible means to visualize and pursue their dreams. Ideal for any occasion, this gift is a bridge to a more organized, fulfilled existence, symbolizing your belief in their potential and progress.

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